Rannvá Djurhuus Carlsson
Country Faroe islands Faroe Islands
Sport Badminton
Games Attended 2013, 2015
Medals Won
Gold Silver Bronze
2 2 3
Personal Information
Birthdate 23 May 1995
Birthplace Faroe Islands
Hometown Faroe Islands

Rannvá Djurhuus Carlsson (born on 23 May 1995) is a Faroese badminton player and footballer. At the recent Island Games in Jersey she became Women's Singles Champion in Badminton. At the previous games in Bermuda, she won the Doubles match. She is the sister of another player in the sport, Brynhild Djurhuus Carlsson.


At the 2015 Island Games, Rannvá became the women's singles champion for the first time.

She and her sister won a bronze in the doubles match and additionally, they lost in the team final resulting in a silver. This allowed Rannvá to have one medal of each colour.


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